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Jim does not speak from the perspectives of someone who is disillusioned or searching for answers, nor someone who is trying to figure out inexplicable phenomena. Nor is he looking for accolades, sympathy or praise; his purpose for sharing this information is much greater than any of those goals. It’s to help others.


Today Jim views himself a humble servant of the most-high God. He considers his divine encounters a wonderful gift from God and a privilege to share with others. Given his life experiences Jim has rare insight into the various deceptions that the demonic screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-10-26-02-pmuses to hold people in bondage. Starting at the age of 18, his thirty year battle with demonic torments and his consequent victory allows him to now provide his audience with step by step (DIY) strategic and practical ways to defeat this enemy of the mind. Jim’s latter miracles are a testimony to his phenomenal one-on-one relationship with the Creator of this awesome universe. His do-it-yourself approach is uncomplicated, practical and effective. As such, Jim will testify that he is driven by eternity, knowing that life after death is so much more then most in the Christian community can ever imagine.

Given the supernatural encounters Jim shares with his audience, some may start to wonder who really is this author? Can he be trusted as a reliable source? Or is he some kind of a madman, ready for the insane asylum? Should this be your concern, you can know that members of his family, friends, employees, and professional colleagues, who know him well, amply defend Jim’s sanity and that he is a credible and a very reliable source. Secondly, Jim’s accomplishments in life thus far certainly add to his credibility:
pa-in-uniformJim was promoted to the highest non-commissioned rank in the Canadian military, and achieved the grades to become a commissioned officer.
Jim was elected leader of the Christian Heritage Party of Canada (the sixth largest federal party in Canada) and served in that capacity from 2008 to 2014.
As an entrepreneur [with zero start-up funding], in nine years Jim built, from the ground up, a business currently worth well over two million dollars, of which he is currently President, Director and Co-owner. screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-10-40-38-pm
Jim is currently the Chair of the Board of Directors at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Upper Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia. His Overseer is the Rev. Dr. Lennett J. Anderson.
Jim is a husband, father and grandfather, and truly blessed today by the harmony and beauty within his family.

You can be confident that Jim is no one’s fool; but rather that he knows precisely what he has encountered and what he continues to encounter. Jim unashamedly and whole-heartily shares that with his audience in his book Torments To Miracles, so that anyone who wishes can most certainly benefit. To what extent and level each person benefits will be entirely up to the reader, but Jim will testify that the freedom and miracles that he experiences are available to everyone.


“A simple yet profound message. This book spells out exactly what I have been searching for and it has blessed me. Thank you for your faithfulness Jim in writing it. Now the rest is up to me to heed the message!”


“It must take a tremendous amount of courage and strength of character to endure and overcome the trials written about in this book.”