What a shame it would be for me to die and take this to the grave without telling others.~Jim Hnatiuk

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This powerful article reveals to the world another side of mental illness, few have dared to share.

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About The Author

Given Jim’s noteworthy lifetime accomplishments he dared only now to share with the world what he had to keep secret for decades. Jim attained the highest non-commissioned rank in the navy and later numerous other senior positions in politics, business and many more…

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Readers are finding that this true story is as astonishing as what the book cover suggests. Equally it’s providing answers to questions and issues so many never knew existed. This book lays bare all the facts—nothing held back. Written to benifit others.

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What are People Saying?

I know Jim Hnatiuk to be scrupulously honest; a gentleman; and a trustworthy friend. Most relevant to this book, however, is his meticulous attention to accuracy and detail-probably the reason he was able to earn the highest non-commissioned rank in the Canadian Navy… What you’ll read… is presented for your benefit… This book can change your life-for the better.

Mr. Ronald O. Gray

Editorial Columnist - Journalist - Public Relations

Jim Hnatiuk is a trusted leader and has provided sage advice, guidance and exceptional service… His book, is a deeply personal account of an eye-opening, life-altering journey… Jim’s ability to transcend evil of every kind is powerfully presented. This thoroughly grounded and altogether responsible advice exposes a transformational encounter that is out of this world. Read it and be changed!

The Rev. Dr. Lennett J. Anderson CD

Senior Pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church

Jim Hnatiuk has bravely given us a picture of the ugliness and deception of the realm of spiritual darkness through his own personal experiences. This account reveals a direct attempt to bring a human being into an ongoing relationship with the world of darkness. This book will not only help you to recognise light from darkness, but how to use that light to overcome your darkness.

The Hon. Larry Spencer

Member of the 37th Parliament of Canada - Author “Sacrificed? Truth or Politics"

I have known Jim Hnatiuk for over 20 years, and he has proven to be a man of incredible integrity. I recommend this book to those seeking… to grow in their understanding of overcoming the challenges of life. For those… who are struggling with a wide variety of issues, this book and its’ insights will provide guidance, hope and inspiration that change and freedom is possible.

Lt. Commander Harold. King CD

Quotes from the Book

I realized that my body was as if it was frozen: my spirit, my conscious mind, was trapped inside this heavily weighted corpse that refused to move! What was happening? It became dark, and I suddenly felt claustrophobic. I was frantic.

But it got much, much better than this. The most incredible part of the experience… was behind me… the most incredible, powerful and unimaginable ‘living’ presence. His absolute power was penetrating, and He had intelligence unthinkable.

Most reassuring… you don’t have to take my word for it… anyone who truly endeavours and properly utilized what I am about to share, will be able to tap into an almost inconceivable resource that few on earth even realize exists.


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